We have 18 rules for users to follow and 21 for admins to follow as we want everyone to have fun on the wiki but to make it fun for others aswell. All users and Admins join the wiki to have fun and edit pages so that people new to the show can have alot of true infomation to look at and nobody gets paid anything and we all in The Dancing on Ice Wiki Commnity love all users and dislike all people who vandalise

Page/talk page rules

  1. Before creating a page please be sure that it has not been created already.
  2. Series page should all begin for example 'Series 63 started airing on sunday 30th January 2073 . 75 celebrities took part.' but must be true
  3. Contestant pages must only be about there dancing on ice experience only the first line can say their career
  4. Please keep all pages in British form (this does not apply to talk pages)
  5. Please be friendly to other users (this counts for swearing and rude langauge)
  6. Absolutley no Spamming or Vandalism

If something is spelt wrong don't worry you or someone else can put it right.

Picture Rules

  1. All images must relate to Dancing on Ice or Ice Skating in General.
  2. Don't leave space in the name of the image.
  3. Make sure that what you name the image makes sense. Do not name an image "svalvasli83HYFlgty3bsluhga.jpg"
  4. Dont duplicate images. If you want an image that has already been uploaded use search for image. .
  5. When uploading more than one image to a page, please try to edit the page you're uploading them to one time only. In other words, add all of the pics you want to upload and then save the page. This will save admins some time when going through the recent changes.
  6. Please keep names in British form
  7. This is essential. Once you've uploaded an image
  • switch to monobook (in my preferences),
  • click the image,
  • press edit,
  • press tag

this would put a fair use tag on it. If you don't know how to do it or didn't do it tell an admin

Video Rules

  1. When you upload videos please name them in this way: Series 1 Week 6 - Bonnie Langford or similar depending on the video.
  2. Don't upload duplicate videos.
  3. Do not upload videos with watermarks or any similar features.
  4. Do not upload fan videos. The only videos allowed here are of performances with the score and comments. (i.e. Not edited in any way.)
  5. Please keep names in English form please". 

Admin Rules

  1. Before a user is granted Admin rights. the majority of admins must agree on this decision
  2. Please follow The Warning Steps below.
  3. Before editing the front page or rules, ask the creator of the wiki (JRCS)


JRCS has decided to put this here so all users can see it


  • Warnings
  • Strikes
  • Blockage

Strike Policy

  • If you give other Users and Admins Strikes, you will be blocked Automaticly with no warnings, Strikes or a Blockage template we Admins are the only ones that can give Strikes out.
  • If you recieve a Strike from someone who isn't an Admin or didn't put down a signature tell an Admin, If no signature is put we will do our best to look into it.

Admins Order Before Blockage

Registered Users

  1. Action 1 - Warning 1 is given in own words
  2. Action 2 - Warning 2 is given in own words
  3. Action 3 - Template Strike 1 is given
  4. Action 4 - Template Strike 2 is given
  5. Action 5 - Template Strike 3 is given
  6. Action 6 - Template Blockage is given
  7. After Blockage Template - Wait 24 Hours for a reply of actions
  8. After 24 Hours - *Judge the reply - if OK take of the Blockage Template - If No Block and Tell all Admins.
  • If User doesn't Reply within 24 Hours He will be Blocked automaticly. If this does happen still tell all Admins.

Unregistered Users

  • If we get trouble from Unregistered Users the User will get blocked automaticly.


We thank all users that read and obey the rules and we block all users that don't.

signed all admins

JRCS talk to me 14:45, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

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